The VW W12 Supercar

The Volkswagen W12 supercar was launched at the Tokyo Motor show 2002 with great interest as it launches them into the realms of the supercar manufacturers such as Porsche and Ferrari.

With a six litre, yes you read it correct 6 litre, V 12 configuration producing around 600hp at 7000rpm it certainly has the power to compete with anything that the traditional manufacturers can produce.
The engine itself it basically 2 VR6 motors welded together with a double overhead cam shaft and four valves per cylinder and a compression ratio of 12.0:1. It is naturally aspirated so does not suffer from turbo lag which can often be a problem in supercars so the power is smooth and progressive right through to the rev limit. The engine itself is mid-mounted in the car, as in racing cars, for optimum weight distribution, which in turn improves handling and stability. It is then mated to a six speed sequential gearbox, the same type of change as you see in world rally cars. It also comes equipped with massive Brembo brakes attached to huge 12.5-inch discs front and rear and an electronically operated handbrake. The wheels are 19 inch made of magnesium and have been specially developed for this car for maximum weight saving. The tyres are 255/35 on the front and a massive 275/40 on the rear so no lack of grip with that amount of rubber on the road.
As for performance of this fantastic car it will reach 60 mph in a very impressive 3.5 seconds and has a top speed of 217 mph only bettered by one other supercar the Mclaren F1, which is no longer produced.
The body itself was designed by the famous design house Ital and has winged doors a little like the Lamborghini Diablo. It also has a spoiler, which extends once a speed of 120km/h has been reached. The interior is a combination of leather, aluminium and carbon fibre much what you would expect from a car of this calibre.
For any doubters that this car is just another pipe dream it broke several records during high speed testing with an average speed of 182 mph for 5000 miles non stop beating the previous record of 173 mph held by the Corvette LTS.
Volkswagen plan to produce about 300 models in the first year with both a coupe and a convertible version.

M. Ledwidge.